Aku baru je beli this thing….aku nyer nipple sore and cracked nie semua gara2 Aina…since dia demam hari itu…dia duk bergayut je dgn aku…pastu kalo BF manjang nak gigit aku nyer nipple….hari tu kan dia kena ulser…lagi2 EBM dia tolak mentah2 nak direct BF kalo aku ade…kalo kat nursery tahulah pulak survive….dah lah just one brest je aku boleh direct BF..satu lagi inverted nipple…memang Aina tak nak hisap dari kecik….geram aku…
Time BF dia aku tahan sakit…sampai gigit2 selimut…sakit tak tahu camner nak cakap.Harap2 pakai this protector akan oklah..Last aku kena sore n cracked nipple masa dalam pantang dulu…tp sekarang..Aina dah besar dah pandai gigit…lepastu kalo aku lambat bagi siap picit2 aku nyer nipple…bila aku bagi jer terus ngap macam org kelaparan….ishhhhhh
What should I do?
If your nipples bleed or crack, try the following:
• Check your baby’s positioning. A poor latch-on technique is the most common reason for this condition. Your baby should face your nipple, tummy to tummy with you. Your baby needs to open wide to take in a good mouthful of both the nipple and the areola. The best latch-on position is off-centered, with more of the areola below the nipple in your baby’s mouth. Line up his nose with your nipple so that his bottom gum is far away from the base of your nipple when he opens. Your nipple should be far back in your baby’s mouth.
• Change positions at every feeding. This focuses the pressure of the baby’s gums on a different area of the breast each time.• Nurse more frequently, but for shorter periods. Remember, the longer you go between feedings, the hungrier your baby will be — and the harder he will nurse.• Rub a little breast milk on your nipples after each feeding and let it air dry. The milk actually helps heal them.• Don’t use soap, alcohol, lotions, or perfumes on the nipples. Bathing with clear water is all it takes to keep your breasts and nipples clean.
• Take painkillers. If the pain is severe, you can take a mild painkiller (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) about 30 minutes before nursing
.• For deep, painful cracks, try medical-grade modified lanolin (such as Lansinoh ) made specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Rub a small amount of the ointment on your nipples. This treatment, called “moist wound healing,” relieves pain and allows the wounds to heal much faster without forming a scab. It does not need to be washed off before feedings.If a crack or wound shows no sign of healing, check with your doctor or healthcare professional. Bacteria can get into the affected area and lead to infections like mastitis.
Will the condition affect my baby?
Babies are generally unfazed by cracked or otherwise injured nipples. Blood in the milk doesn’t hurt them, and breastfeeding can continue. The main concern here is to correct the problem and allow the nipple to heal, so that nursing is once again a pleasurable experience for both you and the baby.

Can I still nurse?
Yes. Nothing in the world is more wonderful than breastfeeding your baby — but convincing a mother with cracked, bleeding nipples of this is near impossible. Getting help from a lactation consultant right away can make all the difference.

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