Myths n Facts abt chocolate

Aku tahu most of us memang hantu chocolate.Aku juga n Aina pun..,,pantang tgk aku bersantai smbil makan choc. dia sibuk lah…..addicted aku make sure lah dia tak overdose chocolate…tak de lah smpi hari2 makan chocolate tu melampau namanya.Tp kalo sweets…aku memang strict sweets allowed in my house….
Majority people kalo say abt chocolate…mesti keluar perkataan nie ….eee taknaklah nanti gemuk…yer ker?
Isn’t the choc. bad for us?full of caffeine n fat? Tp tahukah anda a new research abt chocolate has shown that chocolate can be part of a healthy diet.
1 Myths : Chocolate is high in caffeine.
Facts : of course la..bila makan chocolate may perk u up, actually chocolate nie tak der lah tinggi sgt kadar caffeine berbanding coffee. cthnya:
1.4 oz chocolate bar/ 8 oz glass of chocolate milk = 6 mg of caffeine = decaffeinated coffee.
(For reference, regular coffee contains about 65-135mg of caffeine.) mana paling banyak?
2 Myths : Chocolate nie byk sgt saturated fat n bad for ur cholestoral
Facts : The main saturated fat found in milk chocolate is stearic asid. Kajian menunjukkan ia tidak menunjukkan sebarang peningkatan kolesterol berbanding dgn jenis2 saturated fat yg lain.
Fakta mengatakan, makan 1.4 oz chocolate bar sebagai ganti carbohydrate-rich snack blh meningkatkan kadar HDL (good) tahap kolestoral.
3 Myths: Chocolate menyebabkan cavities.
Facts: Candy alone is not responsible for cavities. Cavities terjadi bila bakteria dlm mulut tu memproses sugars and starches from any type of food (soda, candy, juice, bread, rice and pasta) to produce acid. This acid then eats through the enamel of the tooth, causing a cavity.
4 Myths: Chocolate causes headaches.
Fact: Kajian yg dibuat menunjukkan tiada link between chocolate n headaches.Chronic headaches were once thought to be caused by amines in foods (including histamine and beta-phenylethylamine) such as cheddar cheese, peanuts, cured meats, chocolate and alcohol, but this study eliminated chocolate as a possible headache cause.
5 Myth: Chocolate causes acne.
Fact: studies in the past twenty years have eliminated chocolate as a cause of acne. In fact, many dermatologists doubt that diet plays any significant role in the development of acne. Acne is now believed to be caused by a combination of high bacterial levels and oil on the skin.
6 Myth: Chocolate causes weight gain.
Fact: An average chocolate bar contains 220 calories, which is low enough to be a part of a weight control diet if other high-calorie foods are eliminated. Enjoying the occasional piece of chocolate may reduce the risk of severe bingeing, which can occur when you feel deprived of your favorite foods.
Conclusion, jgn lah risau bila makan chocolate……..
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2 Responses to “Myths n Facts abt chocolate”

  1. NUR Says:

    i pun hantu coklat gak!tp yana cam x suka sgt menda manis…selamat coklat hamba…heheheh!!!

  2. mamaaina Says:

    syok lah..kalo Yana tak kacau..Aina pntg tgk mama dia makan….dia yg lebih2

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