My lil.girl is growing up so fast…

Look,ntah sape owner this motor…sedap je dia buat macam motor abah dia…she really likes this motor, ni kat motor parking kat area apartment aku, every time she pass by this area..bila ada je skuter nie..dia sibuk nak naik..ishhhhh

After 18 month,breastfeeding, crawling, seating,walking,running, dancing, singing, eating her own style, talking her own language , I am begining to think that she really doesn’t like being the baby anymore.HUHUHUHU..

You’re growing so fast…
I can see how much u enjoy to explore ur world…
I’m really hope, u would grow up to become a better better….and the best person.
Anak aku dah semakin membesar…
Really, I’m don’t want to hear she talk!!
**** The Most days I really want….
Updating her vocab…
1) if I said..BIG……..her answer HUG……. siap depa luas tangan dia
2) If I singing twinkle2 liltle star…….. every the last lyric….she answers star…sambil tangan buat ala2 bling2 the star
3)Amin…… amin kan doakan makan…
# Updating mama stories
Sudah 3 hari berturut2 aku masakkan Aina fried rice bawa ke Taska…..sebab her BS bagi tahu dia suka bangat….tp tak nak share with her fellow friend,,ayoyoyo..kedekutnya anak aku nie….
so, besok aku nak change lah resepi , tak larat nak menggoreng nasi hari2…
apa kata…try macaroni sup? sedap gak erk?

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