Happy 3rd Anniversary

Without him, I wouldn’t be me.
I love u so much Mr Mustaza.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to me and my dearest hubby.

Your smile is one of warmth and love, for you are a very special person, when I needed arms to hug me you held them open to me and made me feel secure and safe. Did I ever tell you how much I love you for I think of you with such fond thoughts and memories.”


4 Responses to “Happy 3rd Anniversary”

  1. NUR Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!
    Semoga dirahmati dgn nikmat Allah yg melimpah ruah sampai akhir hayat…

  2. mamaaina Says:

    Thanks Nur…

  3. anamiraa Says:

    so sweet!

    semoga berbahagia dunia akhirat. with lots of kids (and to forget double lots of money as well :))) )


    (from material women)

  4. mamaaina Says:


    yups…lots of kids…bpe nak letak kuota ni erk?
    + lots of $$$$$$$

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