Sudoku addicted

Sah…altho aku terlewat mengenalimu wahai sudoku….aku memang sudah addicted terhadapmu…..ahahhahaha…number…number…number…sampai laki aku sudah poning dengan hobby baru aku nie….di mana2 kemana2 dengan sudoku aku nie ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two techniques for solving Sudoku’s faster (

Here are two similar strategies used for increasing speed of solving the puzzle:
The explanations are a bit hazy so you may just want to get an idea for what I’m saying then look at an example i provide to clear things up (then going back to the explanation it will be more clear).

1) Pick the number that has been solved for the most (or at least a lot) in the sudoku. For each 3×3 block that does not contain this number, look for 3×3 blocks in the same row and column as this 3×3 block that do contain this most solved for number and eliminate places where this most solved number can go in the 3×3 block that does not contain this most solved for number. You will find a solution when you limit the place this most solved for number can go down to one place. An example

The number ‘9’ has been solved for six times in the puzzle, in all but 3 of the 3×3 blocks. In two out of three of these blocks, it is possible to solve for where the ‘9’ goes by eliminating places it can go by looking at the location of ‘9’s in 3×3 blocks in the corresponding row and column of this 3×3 block.

2) This is basically the opposite of 1. You start with rows, columns, or 3×3 blocks that are nearly solved, figure out which values are missing, then eliminate possibilities by looking at 3×3 blocks in the same row or column as the nearly solved 3×3 block that contains the missing values (and thus can eliminate possibilities in the nearly solved 3×3 block). An example

The top middle and bottom middle blocks of this sudoku are basically identical and nearly solved. In the top middle block the three unsolved values are 1, 4, and 9. Looking at the top left block’s 4 location will eliminate the 4 being in the top left and top right cells of the top middle 3×3 block, so the 4 must be in the middle position of the top middle 3×3 block. The same is true with the 6 for the bottom middle block after examining the bottom right block’s 6 position.


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