New Recipe For Aina

Survey on net,to find new recipe for Aina this weekend,actually she already 8 month old today.
agaknya Aina dah boring ngan masakan mama,mesti dia kata dalam hati kot “ish mama nie tak der menu lain ker sama jer nasi,ikan,sayur…bla …bla…”

Good info. that I found about Solid food Introduction Chart 6-8 Month Old
The good rule is “Watch the Baby – Not the Calendar!”

Age : Recommends only after 6 month old
Cereals: Try mixing together the grains that your baby has had without any reaction(s). (Rices,Oats)
Fruits : After 8 Month try soft cooked fruits for beginner(pumpkins,Prune etc)
Vegetables : After 8 month try soft cooked Vege. for beginner(carrot,brocolli)

Good cuts for meat:
Chicken – Breasts (higher in protein and lower in fat), Thighs/legs (higher in iron and higher in fat)
Beef – Eye of Round roast, Top Sirloin, Lean Fresh Ground beef

Fish Dinner Recipe:(setelah diubah suai mengikut citarasa aku)No Salt!!!!!!
1 filet of any fish
1/8 cup water/milk
1/8 cup mashed peas
1/8 cup mashed carrots
1/8 cup mashed potatoes

De-bone and Cook fish by steaming(aku pilih steaming jer senang skit). Shred the cooked fish to ensure all the bones are removed. Put all ingredients in blender and blend or dice and toss ingredients together and serve as a Baby Finger Foods meal! Serve warm. (add rice to make for a really filling and nutritious meal – may be blended with these additions!)

-beras + kurma + kismis
-beras + kurma + carrot
-beras + ikan bilis (buang tulang) + bwg + halia
-beras + prune + kurma

ok gak nie (pastu blender)
bubur+ sayur bym+carrot+ikan tengiri/solmon+bunga kobis


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