Work and baby

Working mum and have a baby….rasa nak quit jer from the job.Stay at home looking baby smile 24 hours a day, lupa segala masalah.But, nak buat camner banyak commitment need to settle up.My dreams, to be homemakers work from home, akan jadi kenyataan satu hari nanti.
Just nak share this article:
by Lisa Schulman

One of the more difficult decisions for new parents to make is determining whether to return to work or stay at home with the baby. For some, the choice is made for them, as finances warrant the fast road back to work. For others, numerous factors emerge that contribute to the final decision. No matter what the outcome, families are oftentimes plagued with guilt. A surefire way to combat this useless and taxing emotion is to accept one’s own choice, while supporting the varied decisions made by other parents.
For those able to stay at home, the rewards are many. One of the most important benefits is being able to observe and contribute to the child’s development. Often, parents perceive that the care provided at home is more comprehensive than the standard day care. In addition, the stay-at-home parent has the assurance that the child is being raised in a healthy, positive environment.
However, staying at home is not always an ideal answer. Delaware mother Jeannette Larock explains that, “Sometimes I feel like I’ve done myself a disservice because I was able to make significant contributions to the company that I worked for.” While Jeannette acknowledges that her daughter “has a mom who is devoted to her needs,” she also points out that her decision to stay at home continues to be a difficult inner struggle.


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