Being a mother….

Being a mum, somebody said the hardest part in life.For me, I know being a mum is hard…but honestly I proud to declare I’m a MUM!!I have been thinking before about I’m getting a family, become old and have children, I’m so excited but at the same time I’m SCARED.

Scared if …I cannot be a good wife…

Scared if …I cannot be a good mother…

Scared if …I cannot be MYSELF…

SCARED…SCARED…Why I need to scared?

Being a good mother to my little baby girl, that is my dream..

Hopefully, I can ejoy this wonderfull moment, my baby grow ………………………

Somebody said it takes abot six weeks to get

to get back to normal after you’ve had a baby

That somebody doesn’t know that once you’re a mother

“Normal” is a history..

Somebody said “good’ mother never raise

their voices

That somebody never come out the back door just

in time to see her child hit a golf ball through the neighbour’s kitchen window.

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